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              《魔法师的外甥》 第八章 灯柱前的战斗







              “Ho ! Hempress,are you ? We’ll see about that,”said a voice.Then another voice said,“Three cheers for the Hempress of Colney, Atch”and quite a number joined in.A flush of colour came into the Witch’s face and she bowed ever so slightly.But the cheers died away into roars of laughter and she saw that they had only been making fun of her:A change came over her expression and she changed the knife to her left hand.Then,without warning,she did a thing that was dreadful to see.Lightly, easily,as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world,she stretched up her right arm and wrenched off one of the cross-bars of the lamp-post.If she had lost some magical powers in our world, she had not lost her strength;she could break an iron bar as if it were a stick of barleysugar.She tossed her new weapon up in the air,caught it again,brandished it,and urged the horse forward.
              “Now’s my chance,”thought Digory.He darted between the horse and the railings and began going forward.If only the brute would stay still for a moment he might catch the Witch’s heel.As he rushed,he heard a sickening crash and a thud.The Witch had brought the bar down on the chief policeman’s helmet:the man fell like a nine-pin.
              “Quick,Digory.This must be stopped,”said a voice beside him.It was Polly,who had rushed down the moment she was allowed out of bed.
              “You are a brick,”said Digory.“Hold on to me tight.You’ll have to manage the ring.Yellow,remember.And don’t put it on till I shout.”
              There was a second crash and another policeman crumpled up. There came an angry roar from the crowd:“Pull her down.Get a few paving-stones.Call out the Military.”But most of them were getting as far away as they could.The Cabby,however,obviously the bravest as well as the kindest person present,was keeping close to the horse,dodging this way and that to avoid the bar,but still trying to catch Strawberry’s head.
              The crowd booed and bellowed again.A stone whistled over Digory’s head.Then came the voice of the Witch,clear like a great bell,and sounding as if,for once,she were almost happy.
              “Scum ! You shall pay dearly for this when I have conquered your world.Not one stone of your city will be left.I will make it as Charn,as Felinda,as Sorlois,as Bramandin.”
              Digory as last caught her ankle.She kicked back with her heel and hit him in the mouth.In his pain he lost hold.His lip was cut and his mouth full of blood.From somewhere very close by came the voice of Uncle Andrew in a sort of trembling scream.“Madam-my dear young lady-for heaven’s sake-compose yourself.”Digory made a second grab at her heel,and was again shaken off.More men were knocked down by the iron bar.He made a third grab:caught the heel:held on tike grim death,shouting to Polly“Go !”then— Oh,thank goodness.The angry,frightened faces had vanished. The angry,frightened voices were silenced.All except Uncle Andrew’s.Close beside Digory in the darkness,it was wailing on Oh,oh,is this delirium ? Is it the end ? I can’t bear it.It’s not fair.I never meant to be a Magician.It’s all a misunderstanding. It’s all my godmother’s fault;I must protest against this.In my state of health too.A very old Dorsetshire family.
              “Bother !”thought Digory.“We didn’t want to bring him along.My hat,what a picnic.Are you there,Polly ?”
              “Yes,I’m here.Don’t keep on shoving.”
              “I’m not,”began Digory,but before he could say anything more,their heads came out into the warm,green sunshine of the wood.And as they stepped out of the pool Polly cried out:
              “Oh look ! We’ve brought the old horse with us too.And Mr .Ketterley.And the Cabby.This is a pretty kettle of fish !”
              As soon as the Witch saw that she was once more in the wood she turned pale and bent down till her face touched the mane of the horse.You could see she felt deadly sick.Uncle Andrew was shivering.But Strawberry,the horse,shook his head,gave a cheerful whinny,and seemed to feel better.He became quiet for the first time since Digory had seen him.His ears,which had been laid flat back on his skull,came into their proper position, and the fire went out of his eyes.
              “That’sright,old boy ,”said the Cabby , slapping Strawberry’s neck.“That’s better.Take it easy.”
              Strawberry did the most natural thing in the world.Being very thirsty(and no wonder)he walked slowly across to the nearest pool and stepped into it to have a drink.Digory was still holding the Witch’s heel and Polly was holding Digory’s hand.One of the Cabby’s hands was on Strawberry;and Uncle Andrew,still very shaky,had just grabbed on the Cabby’s other hand.
              “Quick,”said Polly,with a look at Digory.“Greens !”
              So the horse never got his drink.Instead,the whole party found themselves sinking into darkness.Strawberry neighed; Uncle Andrew whimpered.Digory said,“That was a bit of luck.”
              There was a short pause.Then Polly said,“Oughtn’t we to be nearly there now ?”
              “We do seem to be somewhere,”said Digory.“At least I’m standing on something solid.”
              “Why,so am I,now that I come to think of it,”said Polly.“But why’s it so dark ? I say,do you think we got into the wrong Pool ?”
              “Perhaps this is Charn,”said Digory.“Only we’ve got back in the middle of the night.”
              “This is not Charn,”came the Witch’s voice.“This is an empty world.This is Nothing.”
              And really it was uncommonly like Nothing.There were no stars.It was so dark that they couldn’t see one another at all and it made no difference whether you kept your eyes shut or opened. Under their feet there was a cool,flat something which might have been earth,and was certainly not grass or wood.The air was cold and dry and there was no wind.
              “My doom has come upon me,”said the Witch in a voice of horrible calmness.
              “Oh don’t say that,”babbled Uncle Andrew.“My dear young lady,pray don’t say such things.It can’t be as bad as that.Ah- Cabman-my good man-you don’t happen to have a flask about you ? A drop of spirits is just what I need.”
              “Now then,now then,”came the Cabby’ svoice,a good firm, hardy voice.“Keep cool everyone,that’s what I say.No bones broken,anyone ? Good.Well there’ s something to be thankful for straight away,and more than anyone could expect after falling all that way.Now,if we’ve fallen down some diggings-as it might be for a new station on the Underground-someone will come and get us out presently,see! And if we’ re dead-which I don’ t deny it might be-well,you got to remember that worse things ’appen at sea and a chap’ s got to die sometime.And there ain’t nothing to be afraid of if a chap’ s led a decent life.And if you ask me,I think the best thing we could do to pass the time would be sing a’ymn.
              And he did.He struck up at once a harvest thanksgiving hymn,all about crops being“safely gathered in”.It was not very suitable to a place which felt as if nothing had ever grown there since the beginning of time,but it was the one he could remember best.He had a fine voice and the children joined in;it was very cheering.Uncle Andrew and the Witch did not join in.
              Towards the end of the hymn Digory felt someone plucking at his elbow and from a general smell of brandy and cigars and good clothes he decided that it must be Uncle Andrew.Uncle Andrew was cautiously pulling him away from the others.When they had gone a little distance,the old man put his mouth so close to Digory’s ear that it tickled,and whispered:
              “Now,my boy.Slip on your ring.Let’s be off.”
              But the Witch had very good ears.“Fool !”came her voice and she leaped off the horse.“Have you forgotten that I can hear men’s thoughts ? Let go the boy.If you attempt treachery I will take such vengeance upon you as never was heard of in all worlds from the beginning.”
              “And,”added Digory,“if you think I’m such a mean pig as to go off and leave Polly-and the Cabby-and the horse—in a place like this,you’re well mistaken.”
              “You are a very naughty and impertinent little boy,”said Uncle Andrew.
              “Hush !”said the Cabby.They all listened.
              In the darkness something was happening at last.A voice had begun to sing.It was very far away and Digory found it hard to decide from what direction it was coming.Sometimes it seemed to come from all directions at once.Sometimes he almost thought it was coming out of the earth beneath them.Its lower notes were deep enough to be the voice of the earth herself.There were no words.There was hardly even a tune.But it was,beyond comparison,the most beautiful noise he had ever heard.It was so beautiful he could hardly bear it.The horse seemed to like it too; he gave the sort of whinney a horse would give if,after years of being a cab-horse,it found itself back in the old field where it had played as a foal,and saw someone whom it remembered and loved coming across the field to bring it a lump of sugar.
              “Gawd !”said the Cabby.“Ain’t it lovely ?”
              Then two wonders happened at the same moment.One was that the voice was suddenly joined by other voices;more voices than you could possibly count.They were in harmony with it, but far higher up the scale:cold,tingling,silvery voices.The second wonder was that the blackness overhead,all at once,was blazing with stars.They didn’t come out gently one by one,as they do on a summer evening.One moment there had been nothing but darkness;next moment a thousand,thousand points of light leaped out-single stars,constellations,and planets,brighter and bigger than any in our world.There were no clouds.The new stars and the new voices began at exactly the same time.If you had seen and heard it,as Digory did,you would have felt quite certain that it was the stars themselves which were singing,and that it was the First Voice,the deep one,which had made them appear and made them sing.
              “Glory be !”said the Cabby.“I’d ha’ been a better man all my life if I’d known there were things like this.”
              The Voice on the earth was now louder and more triumphant; but the voices in the sky,after singing loudly with it for a time,began to get fainter.And now something else was happening.
              Far away,and down near the horizon,the sky began to turn grey.A light wind,very fresh,began to stir.The sky,in that one place,grew slowly and steadily paler.You could see shapes of hills standing up dark against it.All the time the Voice went on singing.
              There was soon light enough for them to see one another’s faces .The Cabby and the two children had open mouths and shining eyes;they were drinking in the sound,and they looked as if it reminded them of something.Uncle Andrew’s mouth was open too,but not open with joy.He looked more as if his chin had simply dropped away from the rest of his face.His shoulders were stopped and his knees shook.He was not liking the Voice.If he could have got away from it by creeping into a rat’s hole,he would have done so.But the Witch looked as if,in a way,she understood the music better than any of them.Her mouth was shut,her lips were pressed together,and her fists were clenched.Ever since the song began she had felt that this whole world was filled with a Magic different from hers and stronger.She hated it.She would have smashed that whole world,or all worlds,to pieces,if it would only stop the singing. The horse stood with its ears well forward,and twitching.Every now and then it snorted and stamped the ground.It no longer looked like a tired old cab-horse;you could now well believe that its father had been in battles.
              The eastern sky changed from white to pink and from pink to gold.The Voice rose and rose,till all the air was shaking with it. And just as it swelled to the mightiest and most glorious sound it had yet produced,the sun arose.
              Digory had never seen such a sun.The sun above the ruins of Charn had looked older than ours:this looked younger.You could imagine that it laughed for joy as it came up.And as its beams shot across the land the travellers could see for the first time what sort of place they were in.It was a valley through which a broad,swift river wound its way,flowing eastward towards the sun.Southward there were mountains,northward there were lower hills.But it was a valley of mere earth,rock and water;there was not a tree,not a bush,not a blade of grass to be seen.The earth was of many colours:they were fresh,hot and vivid.They made you feel excited;until you saw the Singer himself,and then you forgot everything else.
              It was a Lion.Huge,shaggy,and bright,it stood facing the risen sun.Its mouth was wide open in song and it was about three hundred yards away.
              “This is a terrible world,”said the Witch.“We must fly at once.Prepare the Magic.”
              “I quite agree with you,Madam,”said Uncle Andrew.“A most disagreeable place.Completely uncivilized.If only I were a younger man and had a gun-”
              “Garn !”said the Cabby.“You don’t think you could shoot, im,do you ?”
              “And who would ?”said Polly.
              “Prepare the Magic,old fool,”said Jadis.
              “Certainly,Madam,”said Uncle Andrew cunningly.“I must have both the children touching me.Put on your homeward ring at once,Digory.”He wanted to get away without the Witch.
              “Oh,it’s rings,is it ?”cried Jadis.She would have had her hands in Digory’s pocket before you could say knife,but Digory grabbed Polly and shouted out:
              “Take care.If either of you come half an inch nearer,we two will vanish and you’ll be left here for good.Yes:I have a ring in my pocket that will take Polly and me home.And look ! My hand is just ready.So keep your distance.I’m sorry about you” (he looked at the Cabby)“and about the horse,but I can’t help that.As for you two”(he looked at Uncle Andrew and the Queen),“you’re both magicians,so you ought to enjoy living together.”
              “Old your noise, everyone,”said the Cabby.“I want to listen to the moosic.”
              For the song had now changed.

              第八章 灯柱前的战斗

              “你是女王?#35838;?#20204;得确认。”一个声音响起。“女王万岁!疯人院跑出来的女王万岁!”另一个声音响起,很多人跟着起哄。女巫的脸上顿时充满光辉,向大家微微鞠躬。随着阵阵欢呼变成了讽刺的笑声,她才意识到自己被愚弄了,她的脸色发青,把?#26007;?#36827;左手, 出乎意料,她做?#24605;?#38750;常可怕的事。她轻轻伸出右手,轻而易举地拿掉了灯柱上的一根铁条。在我们的世界,她的一些魔力也许会不见, 但她依旧力大无比。她折断铁棒犹如折?#19979;?#33469;糖那么简单。她骑在马上,将武器扔向上空,再?#24188;?#23427;,?#28216;?#30528;前进。
              “该我了。”迪格雷想。他奔跑到马与围栏之间,继续往前跑去, 想趁机靠近女巫。等待那匹马停下的瞬间,他就会抓住女巫的脚。就在他奋力往前冲时,却听见“哐哐当当”的重物击打声。原?#35789;?#22899;巫, 她正在用铁棒?#20040;?#35686;官的头盔,他扭曲着身体倒在地上。
              “你太棒了,”迪格雷说,“拽住我,别松手。拿好戒?#31119;?#35760;好了, 黄色的。直到我大喊,你再戴上它。”
              随着另一声响,又倒下了一名警察。人群中愤怒的声音越来越响, “拉她下来,用铺路石揍她,让军队来打她。”人们往远处退去。很明显,在场的人员中,马车夫是最勇敢、善良的人。他在匆忙中躲闪着铁棒,努力靠近马,想趁机抓住马头。
              终于迪格雷抓到了她的脚。她?#21050;?#36842;格雷,恰?#21830;?#21040;他的嘴?#20572;?疼?#35789;?#24471;他不由地松开手。他满口是血,嘴巴被踢破了。安德鲁舅舅就在附近,用颤抖的声音尖?#26657;?ldquo;夫人,亲爱的,上帝保佑你,安静下来吧。”迪格雷又一?#24043;?#20303;她的脚踝,又被踢开。人们纷纷倒在她的铁棒下。他又一次冲上去,死?#38647;?#20303;她的脚踝,对波莉大叫道“走!” 然后,谢天谢地。那些愤怒与受惊的面孔不见了,那些愤怒与受惊的声音也就此?#33391;擰2辉?#22788;,迪格雷在黑暗中听见了安德鲁舅舅的抽泣: “我是昏迷了吗?#23458;?#20102;,我要完了。这对我来说不公平。?#20063;?#24819;当魔法师,这是个天大的误会。一切都是我教母的错误,我必须抗议。我身体也很差,古老的多塞特郡家族啊。”
              “见鬼!”迪格雷想,“我们竟然带他来了。啊,真是个大聚会啊, 波莉,你在吗?”
              “不是我,”迪格雷话音未落,他们又一次站在?#22235;?#29255;温暖、明亮?#39029;?#28385;阳光的绿树林中。出了水潭,波莉就大?#26657;?br> “看呢!我们也带来了这?#19979;恚?#20975;特利先生,竟然还?#26032;?#36710;夫。真是糟糕透顶啊!”
              “老朋友,这就对了,”马车夫一边拍着“草莓”的脖子,一边说道, “别紧张,现在好多了。”
              “草莓”做?#24605;?#38750;常自然的事情,它太渴了,这没什么好奇的, 于是走到近处的水潭边饮水。迪格雷正抓着女巫的脚,波莉则拉着迪格雷的手。马车夫一只手放在“草莓”身上,另一只手被仍在颤抖着的安德鲁舅舅抓着。
              “和我想的一样。”波莉说,“可这里未免也太黑了?#35838;?#30340;意思是, 是不是我们进错了水潭?”
              “现在,现在,”马车夫的嗓门很大,他坚定地说,“我们需要冷静。没人摔?#20498;?#22836;吧,那就好。现在我们应该感到欣慰。这样摔下来, 我们的情况已出乎意料的好了。如果我们掉进一些人工开掘的洞穴里, 比如地铁的新?#23601;罰?#20063;许很快就有人会来救我们,?#21069;桑考?#22914;我们不幸身亡,有这种可能,可是在海上会有?#26085;?#26356;糟糕的事情,人总要死掉的。一个人曾有过体面的生活,其实这样死去倒也没什么可怕的。如果你们问我现在应该做什么,我认为为了打发时间,最好唱首圣歌吧。”
              女巫立刻听到了。“笨蛋!”她跳下马说,“我能听懂人的想法, 你忘记了吗?放开他。如果你想耍花?#26657;?#25105;就报复你,用这个世界上你?#28216;?#21548;?#20498;?#30340;方法。”
              黑暗中最终有?#26494;?#38899;。远处传来了一个人的歌声。迪格雷分不清它来?#38405;?#37324;。声音似乎从四周同时传入耳中,有时好像就在他们脚下,它如?#35828;?#27785;,如同大地的声音。没有歌词,?#25381;行?#24459;,迪格雷却觉得这是他听到过的最美的声音,它如此动人,让人难以?#38047;?#37027;匹马也跟着嘶鸣起来,似乎享受其中,?#36335;?#31359;越拉车的这些年,重新回到了故乡,它的童年时代,它看到自己记忆中所爱的人拿着糖块, 越过田野,正向它走来。
              同时,奇迹出现了,而且是两个。第一是,在这个声音中,一股数不清的冷酷、战栗以及银铃般的声音加入其中,音量很高,却很?#25176;场?#31532;二是,黑暗中?#20102;?#30528;?#20999;牽?#23427;们并非夏夜中一颗?#24188;?#19968;颗出现的,而是一团漆黑中,瞬时出现的成千上万的恒?#24688;?#34892;星的群落, 比我们的世界所要见到的星辰要大,更明亮,却没有云的存在。同时, 新的?#20999;?#19982;声音总是一起出现。如果你是迪格雷,亲眼目睹,亲耳倾听,一定会觉得?#20999;?#20204;在唱歌,而能让它们出来并?#39029;?#27468;的,是第一个低沉的声音。
              “多神奇啊!”车夫说,“原?#35789;?#30028;上还有如此美好的事物, 早知如此,我一定会做一个更好的人。”

              天色很快亮起来,能让彼此看见他们的脸。马车夫与两个孩子此刻张着嘴?#20572;?#30524;神?#20102;?#30528;光彩,陶醉在美妙的声音中;那声音似乎能勾起他们的回忆。安德鲁舅舅此刻也张着嘴,却不是高兴的表情, 他的表情看上去像是丢掉了下巴。他弓着身体,膝盖发?#19969;?#26159;的,他不喜欢这声音,与其听着这音乐,还不如让他钻进老鼠洞痛快。女巫似乎比任何人都更懂这音乐,她的嘴唇紧闭,握着拳头。歌声刚响起, 她早已经感到,这个世界有一股?#20154;?#26356;为强大的,?#20063;?#21516;的魔力。她并不喜欢它,她想阻挡这声音,她想把这个世界以?#20843;?#26377;的世界都撕碎。站在这里的马,耳朵抽动,?#27426;?#21069;倾,不时用马蹄?#20040;?#22320;面, 或仰天长啸。这一?#26657;?#35753;它看上去?#36745;?#26159;疲惫的?#19979;恚?#20154;们更?#36214;?#20449;, 它拥有一个当过战马的?#30422;住?br> 东方的天际?#24433;?#33394;逐渐变成粉色,又从粉色开始变成金属色。声音?#27426;?#21319;高,直到空气也在为之颤?#19969;?#30452;到声音最响亮、动听的时刻,太阳升起了。
              这样的太阳,是迪格雷?#28216;?#35265;过的。如果?#30331;?#24681;那座废墟上空的太阳显得苍老的话,这一轮太阳却要比我们的世界更年轻。你甚至能想象得到,它愉快地笑着升起的样子。当阳光普照大地,这一群人终于看清了自己所站的位置。这是一片谷地,平缓的河流穿越其中, 朝着太阳升起的地方奔腾而来。南面有山脉,北面是丘陵,河谷内有岩石、水与土,并没有树木和灌木,甚至也没有一片草?#19969;?#26032;鲜、温热的泥土,五颜六色,无?#35748;?#33395;,令人感动。当你亲眼目睹歌者本身时, 你更是能忘记一?#23567;?br> 那是一头巨狮,毛发浓密,充满生机,站在离他们差不多三百米的地方,面朝太阳,张嘴歌唱。
              “很快,夫人,”安德鲁舅舅显得很狡猾地说,“但?#19994;?#35753;他们紧紧抓着我。迪格雷,快戴上回去的戒指。”他想丢掉女王?#24188;摺?br> “戒指就能做到,?#21069;桑?rdquo;简蒂丝大叫一声,从马上斜下身体。她的手很快就要伸进迪格雷的口袋时,迪格雷一把拉住波莉,大声说: “小心!你敢靠近我这里半步,我们就消失,让你们永?#35835;?#22312;这里。对, 我的口袋里的戒?#31119;?#33021;把我和波莉带回家。看看!我随手能拿到它, 和我们保持距离。我对不住你和‘草莓’了,”他看向马车夫,“请原谅我也?#35805;?#27861;。还有你们两个人,”他看向安德鲁舅舅和女巫,“你们贵为魔法师,在一起生活,应该没问题。”
              “所有人都保?#32844;?#38745;,”马车夫说,“让我多听一下这音乐。” 歌声却在这时悄然变幻。

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